Available Positions

As a non-profit organization, DeNeuville Learning Center relies on volunteer support to help empower women. DeNeuville offers a variety of short and long-term opportunities to become involved with our programs and services:

Volunteer GED Teachers

Volunteer teachers are needed, day and evening, to help women prepare and pass the General Education Development (GED) exam. Students must pass five tests to complete the GED: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Writing, and Math.

English Language Learning ESL Tutor

Volunteers are needed to tutor English language skills to women from all over the world.

Citizenship Tutor

Volunteers are needed to assist learners in preparing for their English and American government / history exam to become a U.S. citizen. Tutoring takes place in one-on-one or small group settings.

Volunteer teachers must be 18 years or older and display sensitivity to the needs of adult learners. They must be open-minded in regard to cultural and social differences, possess a sense of humor and patience, and be flexible and adaptable. At least a six month commitment is required for this position.

Baby Sitting / Child Care

Volunteers are needed, day and evening, to facilitate activities with children while their mothers attend classes.

Career Programs Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help women develop job search skills and to assist with job placements.

Committee Member

Volunteers are needed to help with public relations, fundraising, and marketing.


Volunteers are needed to serve as the “welcoming person” on behalf of DeNeuville; responsibilities include, but are not limited to, answering the phone and door.


Volunteers are needed to maintain the building and the surrounding area.

Interested in Volunteering?

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